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When the September Fashion Week season ended, I made the decision not to do the February Fashion Weeks. I felt I wanted to take a break and I had other plans to go to Los Angeles however, when SPORTMAX asked me to come to their show, take over their twitter account and be their live twitter correspondent during Milan Fashion Week, I immediately said yes. I made a quick escape for a couple of days, literally unpacked from Hollywood and packed for Italy, extremely excited to go back to one of my favourite countries, eat some of my favourite food and collaborate again with one of my favourite brands.

The show was amazing, full of beautiful knitwear with a twist, baggy cropped trousers, warm camel tones, sexy off shoulder necklines and gorgeous lace dresses. I have too many items on my wish list, but which ones were your favorites?


56 thoughts on “SPORTMAX

  1. I would like to see you with the 7th outfit… long dress with a slit and wedges shoes! :)

  2. I had no clue you had been in Milan this week!
    I shoot street style and I would have LOVED to spot you :)
    Seems like the show was beautiful and that you had a lovely time, thanks for sharing these photos with us!
    Ambitieuse Paris

  3. Oh my, what a STUNNING collection! I’ve never really put much thought into Sportmax but wow, this is spectacular. Awesome photos too, Andy! The black leather look and the camel coat with the skirt are probably my faves! Xoxo


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