AndyTorresRetna5 AndyTorresRetna7AndyTorresRetna9 AndyTorresRetna3 AndyTorresRetna2 AndyTorresRetna10 AndyTorresRetna6 AndyTorresRetnaIM WEARING  >>  Jumpsuit: H&M  |  Sunglasses: DIOR  |  Shoes: ZARA  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  | Watch: Coach

VERY RARELY I find a jumpsuit that I can wear. I am very tall but the problem is my long torso and really long legs, which makes wearing jumpsuits nearly impossible as well as one piece bathing suits. I wont complain about the long torso because its something I have grown to be very grateful for, makes putting on weight a lot harder which is a very big blessing in disguise but whenever I try jumpsuits, they are too short on the torso, too short on the length of the legs, just too damn short.

I found this one while emergency shopping for socks in LA and the fact that it fit me like a glove had me buying it 2 minutes later, oh and I forgot to buy the socks I initially wanted :P.

NewSignatureLongWebPhotos at the Retna mural in LA

83 thoughts on “RETNA

  1. HAHAHAHA you’re too funny Andy… but yeah, the jumpsuit looks so gorgeous on you and those pictures suit nicely on it!

  2. Wow this jumpsuit is amazing, the style is so retro and the print is beautiful. I like the way you wear it with those masculine shoes by Zara, it’s a very interesting contrast. The Proenza Schouler bag is absolutely perfect for this outfit, it’s pure rock and chic. I’m so in love with these Dior sunnies, they are wonderful

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