IMG_1696IMG_1694IMG_1695IMG_1693IMG_1698IMG_1697IMG_1690IMG_1692I’M WEARING  >>  Jacket . Pants . Shirt . Bag: Purificacion Garcia  |  Shoes: Jimmy Choo

I am really into trying out unusual combinations at the moment, not that this is so “out there”, but I wanted to mix textures that wouldn’t normally go together.
I worn this mesh jacket at Universal Studios as a dress, but I wanted to turn it around completely so I went for suit pants and a denim button down shirt instead, which is completely different to what I will be wearing in two days. Have you guess where I am going yet? :D


81 thoughts on “MESH & DENIM

  1. Such a great way to style the jacket, I like how you style this jacket in different ways! x

    Sophia /

  2. I am not that much into fashion, but I find your blog inspiring. The other day, I was wearing a style of pants that was a little different than my usual. Rather than feel self conscious, I thought to myself “stylescrapbook”… And pulled the look off with a smile. :-) ps i would love to see a picture of that mesh jacket worn as a dress!

  3. LOVE THIS! It’s so funny because if I were handed those pieces separately, I wouldn’t know what to do with them. But you managed to make them look gorgeous all together. Thumbs up!


  4. Love the pants style, it’s so classic and elegance, it’s just perfect. The mix with the blue shirt is very interesting, contrast between formal and casual. The coat is an unique piece, the material is really origina and it puts the surprise element on this outfit. The Purificacion Garcia bag is pure love, it’s so cute with the flower details and the size, tres chic

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