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Every time I go to LA, going to Disneyland is on top of my plans and always with the same crew, which I now consider my Cali family :). This time we went to California Adventure instead, since we did the other park in December but it was just as fun. Danny almost lost his camera on the big drop at Tower of Terror and we did the Toy Story ride twice on a row just so we could beat each others scores (I won the first time hey! ;). I can’t believe I have never considered the single riders line, so much faster to get on all the rides and when 5 people go to Disney together, it seemed like the best option (apart from when you get a very creepy man as your ride mate on the California screamin’ roller coaster -long and funny story).
We ended the night munching on corn dogs which I haven’t had in a LONG time followed by a mint chocolate ice-cream. There’s no dieting in Disneyland folks.


82 thoughts on “CAN’T GET ENOUGH

  1. Ahh I think we were at Disney/CA the same day!! (was it Sat, 3/14?) If so, I can’t believe I didn’t run into you. Sorry if that sounds weird but I’ve been following your blog for over 5 years now & I honestly admire you so much.
    Anyways, absolutely adore your outfit, it’s definitely perfect for the scorching SoCal weather right now (:


  2. Amazing photos, Andy! Go to Disneyland it´s one of those things that makes all of those who are now adults remember all the fairytales from our childhood… I went to Disneyland Paris when I was 17 years old and I think I enjoyed it more than if I have been there when I was a little girl! It´s like if, for just one day, we could be children again… :)

  3. These pics are awesome!
    Love your outfit, especially the print of the shirt


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