IMG_6354IMG_6356IMG_6351IMG_6349 IMG_6355 IMG_6344 IMG_6350 IMG_6353IMG_6352 IMG_6348Im WEARING  >>  Blazer: Gestuz  |  Bag: Jimmy Choo  |  Watch: Coach  |  Jeans: ASOS  |  Shoes: Senso |  Sunglasses: DIOR  |  Bracelet: Hermes

I have a soft spot for shooting on Hollywood Boulevard even though I know for a fact that most of my local friends always try to avoid that area. Thats always the case with places where you dont live at and I guess even tough Hollywood Blvd is one of the most touristic places in LA and packed most of the time, theres always a certain magic around because of all the stars on the walk of fame. I love finding my favourite stars and think of all the roads they had to take to make them such icons and deserving to have a star with their name on it.


90 thoughts on “STARSTRUCK

  1. I’ve always love the blazer-as-shirt look, and it looks great here. What do you do to keep it from gaping open when you move around? Do you pin inside? Or just wear a cute bra that’s meant to be seen?
    And Hollywood Blvd may be touristy, but that doesn’t diminish the great historical buildings down there, that make for your great backdrops. Its fun, keep it up!

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