AndyTorresWAndyTorresW6 AndyTorresW3 AndyTorresW4 AndyTorresW5 AndyTorresW2 AndyTorresW7Im WEARING  >>  Top: MANGO  |  Shoes: Alexander Wang for H&M  |  Stripped dress: MANGO  |  Bag: MANGO

You wont often find me mixing prints as bold as these, but while I was picking my look for the Mango show, I saw few more items I really wanted to have a go with. This skirt is NOT the one I wore for the show, the green on this one is brighter and its a lot shorter .

I think that mixing prints is quite a fun thing to do occasionally, though a bit challenging styling wise but it can turn out great if you get it right. The key is just to try, mix and match until you find something that catches your eye and go for it. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you feel comfortable and awesome while you wear it ;)


92 thoughts on “HOW TO WEAR A MIX OF PRINTS

  1. :) before I leave my house I always tell my Sisters:I might be here for 30 minutes or even an hour, but I won’t leave until I feel good with what I am wearing! And that’s how it should be, well done Andy love love the skirt!! :* kiss from a Portuguese girl in London!

  2. Love it! I don’t know but I feel that you have certain air within yourself that always adds a touch of “chic” to any look!
    This outfit is gorgeous, but if I wore it, I don’t think it’d look as stunning!
    I think it’s your never-ending lengs… so jealous!! ;)
    Ambitieuse Paris

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