106 thoughts on “THE ROAD TO NOWHERE

  1. Wow, changing in the car was totally worth it. These outift photos are amazing! Great outfit and what a breathtaking landscape. I’m officially in love. xx

  2. Lovely post, you got some stunning photographs and you look amazing! Those boots are gorgeous!! x


  3. These look awesome! Those boots with that dress is so understated cool I can’t even stand it! Do you take your own pics or drag someone along with you for the ride? If you take your own, I am thoroughly impressed…and if someone else takes them, I’m actually still impressed lol Great shots!

  4. Love your posts, but I hope you aren’t 1.8 cm tall, maybe you meant 1.8 m? Will love your posts either way

  5. Hi Andy, I know what you mean…I´m 1.80 too…if only changing in a car would be the least of our problems regarding clothes…;) Fact is, you always look great ! When you can, check out my blog RAW LEGACY by Mazari. Hope you like it. Have a great day! ;)

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