STSC9529STSC9551STSC9623 STSC9544 STSC9554 STSC9532I’M WEARING >>  Coat: Mango  |  Bag: Stella McCartney  |  Sneakers: Nike ID Air Force 1  |  Sweater: COS  |  Denim Jacket: ASOS

It feels so strange to start posting from Amsterdam again, after all those amazing shoots in the US. We are back to “normal”, sort of and I hope you can forgive me for not having mind blowing locations to shoot at, but as acquainted as we are with Amsterdam, it’s sill quite a charming sight.
I am actually on my way to Madrid now to shoot for Vanity Fair, which is in itself a freaking surreal experience and which doesn’t seem real until it actually happens. Me shooting for Vanity Fair? Can you pinch me please?!?!?!? Extreme happiness is a total understatement at this point.


95 thoughts on “RESET

  1. at the same place or not, you are always creative!
    Vanity Fair, OMG, I am so excited to see what is coming :D
    Love yoU!

  2. That bag is so gorgeous! Congratulations on your Vanity Fair shoot, that is so exciting!! I can’t wait to see it!

    Sophia //

  3. Hi Andy! I arrived home from Amsterdam just three days ago and I have to let you know I much I loved the place!!! Eventhough it was extremely cold I couldn’t have enjoyed the experience more. Jordaan is my dream neighbourhood and I felt so free cycling around there. Now I can say for sure that you are a lucky girl.
    Since you are coming to my city I hope you like it has much as I have loved Amsterdam.
    Muchos besos <3

  4. Andy you look amazing as always … you’re shooting for Vanity Fair and you totally deserve it … good job
    Kisses Salome

  5. This outfit is so you. The camel coat is classic, easy and it looks amazing with the denim shirt and these cool sneakers. These ripped jeans are so rock and chic. Wow Congratulations Andy!! It’ll be an amazing experience and I’ll buy the magazine to see you

  6. Wahoo Andy congratulations on your shooting, can’t wait to see the result :-)
    And of course, Amsterdam is still a really charming location for shootings!

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