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Whenever I travel I always promise myself to go running “at least” twice a week, although most of the time because of “this or that” it becomes really hard to schedule time. While I was doing the road trip, or more like ever since we landed in the US it kept raining most of the time, which is very rare in LA I’ve heard -must be my luck!-. Forcing myself to run with the rain was hard at first but then I got used to it, what I found even harder is to get used to running in the cold back in Europe, but I am starting to strangely love it.


69 thoughts on “RAIN OR SHINE

  1. I don’t know how you look so calm in the seventh photo, surely I would have a face of pain! Jajaja LOL!

    P. S. As always georgous.

  2. Running right now in Europe it’s hard, I know what you mean, but is not so bad after 10 mins :D Love what you’re wearing!

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  3. Love the collection! I must really start working on myself to get my ass off the doors to workout when raining :)

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