AndyTorresLV2AndyTorresLV7 AndyTorresLV8AndyTorresLV5 AndyTorresLV4 AndyTorresLV I’M WEARING  >>  BAG: Louis Vuitton Monceau (Vintage)  |  Leather Pants: Jose Sanchez  |  Boots: ACNE  |  Sweater: Ganni  |  Coat: ZARA

Life is really good lately! I have just realised all the traveling planned for the next few months and that enough is putting a BIG smile on my face, not to mention my sister is having her second baby, so I am going to become an Aunt for the second time any minute in the next 2 weeks!
I am in Madrid right now, probably at the studio shooting with Vanity Fair as you read which is such a dream come true for me!!! Wish me luck!!!


105 thoughts on “OH HAPPY DAYS

  1. I love this outfit 100%. At first sight it looked very classic to me, but when I took a look at the leather pants & shoes your outfit became so much cooler. The contrast of shining patent leather boots to the mat pants & coat is so interesting. And the beautiful Louis Vuitton bag rounds it off perfectly. :)


  2. I love that outfit! And that bag incites jealousy in me. So lovely! Have fun in Madrid. It’s such a lovely city and wish I could travel as much as you.

  3. These Sanchez pants are my favorite of all your wardrobe pieces, you combine it in a million ways and the result is always fantastic!

  4. Desde que te sigo tu estilo simplemente se va perfeccionando más y mucho mejor
    realmente tu inspiras a muchos bloggers latinos para seguir en esta lucha de
    convertrnos en alguien en la industria de la moda, muchas gracias.
    Saludos Andy.

  5. Your photos are really amazing. One can really see, that life is good for you at the moment because of your big smile. That’s so beautiful!
    Congratulations to your photo shooting with Vanity Fair. I hope you can post some of the results in the future :) xx

  6. Te lo mereces muchísimo Andy! Por cierto, ayer me contestaste un comentario en Instagram y muchíimas gracias, de verdad, me hiciste muy feliz!

    Eres genial y me encantaría poder vivir en Madrid para tener alguna oportunidad te cruzarme contigo cuando vas jajajaj

    Un beso desde España,

    Alba de http://enfantcoco.blogspot.com.es/

  7. Hola paisana! Que linda bolsa! Muy vintage ya que no está a la venta en el sitio. Hoy gracias a tu blog aprendí algo más: cuando te leí me saltó la palabra “realised” , ahora que investigué, aprendí que se puede deletrrar de las dos maneras “realised” y “realized” , mucho depende del país donde se usa! Que bien por lo de Madrid!

  8. Thid outfis is just perfect, I really like everything of it. The coat have a classic style and it contrats with these leather pants, they are so cool and rock. These glossy boots are amazing, so original and beautiful. Adore the Louis Vuitton bag, it’s pure love. Congratulations again for the Vanity Fair article, it’s something huge!!! If you are in Madrid, my city, you can visit the Givenchy exposition, it’s wonderful


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