AndyTorresSportmax10 AndyTorresSportmax7AndyTorresSportmax8 AndyTorresSportmax3 AndyTorresSportmax4AndyTorresSportmax6AndyTorresSportmax9 AndyTorresSportmax12 I’M WEARING  >>  Dress: Sportmax  |  Bag: COACH  |  Boots: Balenciaga  |  Sunglasses: Celine

THIS DRESS!!! I have been waiting to wear this Sportmax dress for the LONGEST time but the weather in Europe was obviously horrendous so I took it to LA with me. I have been slightly delayed on posting my content from the road trip just because we shot A LOT, which was my main goal. I knew that I was coming back to a few weeks of dark grey days, possibly constant rain and I needed to squeeze as many shoots as I could as long as I had the sun and the decent weather.

I am not often finding myself wearing dresses which is something that has been coming natural to me in terms of styling lately. All I want to wear is more “androgynous” styles and I am really into suits, yet when I find a dress that makes my heart skip beats, everything changes. I know a lot of you will think and say that you would have worn this dress with different shoes, like a stiletto, something more feminine. I get it but I didn’t picture it like that, I wanted to roughen it up a lot more, I didn’t want to look like I was on my way to a wedding but more like I was wearing a very cool dress with really unexpected boots. This is my thing, my way of styling things and I had to work with what I was carrying in my suitcase for a whole month, hence the repetitive styles when it comes to shoes and accessories. The key is to balance over dressing with underdressing. Don’t look too done up but never look too underdressed ;)


111 thoughts on “LADY IN RED

  1. I think you made a great choice by choosing this boots instead of stilettos.
    You are tall and long so you dont really need heels ! :)

    Anyway, the setting is AMAZING and I love the way you style the whole thing together.



  2. Andy this dress it’s really beautiful, it’s unexpected to wear it commonly on the streets but that doesn’t mean that it is only for special days, I get your point of wear it in different ways that you don’t expect to wear it’s something that makes the difference and makes us that read you be in love with your style.;)

    Check my blog and don’t miss my latest post about some great bags.


  3. The LACMA installation always makes for a beautiful backdrop. I love how many shoots you manage to cram into your road trip, and all of such quality. I need to learn to pack like you to avoid all my clothes being creased when I get to my destination! :p

    Isabel x
    Monochrome Magpie

  4. I really love the way that you’ve styled it with the boots, it gives the whole thing such an interesting edge.
    Also the locations that you’ve picked for each of your shoots on your roadtrip are absolutely gorgeous, I don’t think I’ve ever been so envious of someone’s blog photography before :p xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  5. Me encanta el vestido Andy! Pero es Cool que también hagas fotos con ropa que usas en el invierno europeo porque así sabemos como verse bien a pesar del frío :)

  6. This dress is seriously awesome. This kind of red is absolutely stunning and goes so well with your faire color. You’re right about the shoes. With stilletos it would have looked like a very formal affaire (the colour, the cut, the length of the dress: everything screams : glamourous night out). And the background is amazing. Love your style as always :

  7. Red is so not my color, but it looks fab on you! The shoes are a good pick, I agree that heels would’ve made it all too precious and remove the edge.
    I want to chime in with several others: where was this shot? It’s like a street light convention!

  8. This red dress is amazing, the color is so powerful and you look really beautiful with it. It’s classic and rock, it’s so cool with the belt, and these Balenciaga boots are just perfect for this outfit. The Coach bag is a piece of art, it’s pure love and super chic. Adore the place you chose for the shooting, it’s wonderful

  9. Stunning dress! But the real question I had in mind while looking through these photos was, where in the world did you find those white lampposts clustered together like that?! So cool xx

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