HollywoodSign2HollywoodSign10HollywoodSign5 HollywoodSign11 HollywoodSignHollywoodSign7 HollywoodSign6 HollywoodSign9 HollywoodSign4I’M WEARING  >>  Dress: Baum und Pferdgarten  |  Bag: COACH  |  Sunglasses: Celine  |  Boots: Balenciaga

This dress is quite a statement and difficult to repeat without making it pretty obvious, even though I am completely against the “wearing things once”. You would be surprised though of how often other people assume that because we are bloggers, we are only supposed to wear things once (?!?!?!?), which is crazy. Anyway, I probably did pick the most inconvenient dress to go hiking up the Hollywood sign and the hike all the way to the top was quite long but definitely worth it, luckily I am not the girl who’s afraid of hikes, or heights or getting muddy and dirty which trust me, I did, in fact I am quite the tomboy when it comes to these things…


100 thoughts on “HOLLYWOOD

  1. First thing I need to say is: I love this dress. Please, please wear it more often. And when I looked at the photos I realized, if I’d ever get the chance to live in LA THAT would be my favourite place to take outfit photos. I mean, how amazing is that? xx

  2. Awesome dress! I especially like the third picture: the blue of the sky with the green of the hills, the yellow of the rocks and sand, and then your pink flowery dress; amazing :)

  3. That dress is such a difficult fit – it makes the shoulders so wide and the bottom body tinier, which I would totally avoid wearing EVER. But somehow you make it look so normal and absolutely not like a swimmer’s shoulders.
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  4. You could have hiked a bit more. I was there the same week as you, remember the long hike and waiting to be next to the sign.
    Great photos.

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