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I hate saying goodbye, I really do and this is how I said goodbye to my small Road trip in the US, the final shoot, the end of Route 66, Santa Monica.
We sat on the beach for a while after 3 of the most amazing weeks of my life so far, so many memories and stories I am still dying to share with my family when I go home for a bit, some of which you have been sharing with me for the past few weeks. This was the last day in LA and I started to feel quite emotional about it, as the sissy that I can be sometimes, some tears started to roll down my face. I was sad but I was also happy, sad because it ended but happy because it happened or mainly extremely grateful for being able to experience it.
Time went by too fast, Palm Springs, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Death Valley, The Hoover Damn, Disneyland, Universal and Warner Brothers studios, amazing days in LA meeting up with beloved friends. So much packing and unpacking to do, so many miles driven, so many songs playing on repeat on the radio, so much junk food left on the back seat. Such a perfect trip I will never ever forget. If you ever get the chance, do it! To travel is to live, don’t be afraid to see the world, to experience, to live!, there is nothing quite as regretful as sticking to your comfort zones because of fears.


110 thoughts on “I HATE SAYING GOODBYE

  1. Hola soy española y me encantan tus looks, me podrías aconsejar algún pantalón vaquero que siente especialmente bien???? Gracias !!!

  2. Goodbye is hard even if you live somewhere one week … Can’t imagine how it is now :/
    Love the glasses and the watch by the way :)

  3. I really loved the photos of your road trip. You look so happy in each picture and isn’t that most of what really counts? Memories last forever and you are such a lucky girl that you had the chance to go on this amazing adventure. I really hope I can go on a road trip like this sometime in the future as well. xx

  4. i loved looking at the photo’s of your road trip, the travel bug is getting to me i just want to hop on a plane and vistit all the same places.
    this look is also amazing, your long legs are too die for
    xx ish
    Tiny Heart Beats

  5. If you are worried about the world you are worried with living!!
    Lovely trip .. and good advices to keep!!

  6. So glad you had an amazing time travelling. I am dying to get away on a trip like this and coming to the realisation that I may have to go alone. Posts like this remind me why I want to go when the fear hits. Thank you.

    Nyaomi x

  7. such a beautiful post, to have a road trip – is in my bucket list! It just sounds so amazing and chill!


  8. Lovely outfit and stunning backdrop! Reading your post really makes me want to plan a trip abroad.


  9. Oh, this post is really emotional one and thanks for sharing your road trip Andy!
    I follow your road trip by post to post, and I feel this road trip is just magical, every place is so beautiful!! I hope I could be there in somedays!!! ;)

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