As I was sitting on my favourite couch, watching a series that has me literally bitting off my nails (I won’t mention which one yet because I really wouldn’t be able to handle any spoilers and I am only in season two), I looked down and I saw the lamp I DIY’ed 2 weekends ago and thought to myself; “Hey! Why didn’t I share this one?!”

It has made a small corner in my apartment so damn cozy and the best part is, it made me recycle my Christmas lights but not only that, it kind of has me keeping the Christmas spirit a little bit longer, better yet, all year around. I like it standing on its own but I was thinking of creating this BIG pile of old VOGUE magazines. Pretty rad right? And the best part is, SO EASY and cheap to make, all you need is a glass container and some Christmas lights.



50 thoughts on “FLOOR LAMP [ D.I.Y ]

  1. Now THAT must be the easiest and most amazing DIY I have seen in a long time. It’s just perfect and I really need to do it for my room. xx

  2. Hey Andy this idea is super cool, I think you made something really nice for your apartment and for inspiration to make it, looks really pretty for make our place super cozy! ;)

    Hey check my blog & don’t miss my latest post GIRLS, I’m talking about some BAGS that YOU’RE GONNA LOVE IT!! I swea. :)



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