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The Santa Monica Pier is one of my favourite places to go to while I am in Los Angeles. Its not about the rides, or the food but its just such a nice feeling to walk the promenade during the sunset, there’s a festive feeling in the air, like you were in a carnival of some sort.
I can’t believe we managed to capture this sunset, the sky seemed like a painting, it was just magical…


102 thoughts on “CARNIVAL

  1. Hola de nuevo Andy! Podrías decirme que tipo de bufanda iría bien con el tipo de sweater que usas en estas fotos? Gracias :)

  2. I love going to the Santa Monica pier!! LA sunsets are definitely unforgettable and are always so stunning. The pictures you captured are amazing and just…wow. I don’t even know how else to explain it hahaha
    I love that you were able to capture the lights from the ferris wheel! so pretty.

    xx Shirley

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