IMG_4125IMG_4124 IMG_4126 IMG_4122 IMG_4129 IMG_4127I’M WEARING  >>  Coat: H&M Studio  |  Skirt: ZARA  |  Jumper: Baum Und Pferdgarten  |  Bag: Sportmax  |  Boots: Coach  |  Rings: Tom Wood

This jacket has proved to be quite the buy! Every time I wear it I feel as if I was bundled in a fluffy and warm blanket in the comfort of my own home. I seriously wish I could wear it every day but then I would look like a picture frame (as we say in Mexico). Having a fashion blog is a double edged sword at times, I need to try to be creative with what I wear but at the same time, I want to get fixated in my old ways and wear my favourite items over and over again.
Somebody asked me once; “Don’t you have to wear new clothes on every single post? Isn’t that what you bloggers do?, to never repeat an outfit?”. What a complete misconception, seriously. Yeah, its tough reinventing your wardrobe every single day; “I freaking love this dress but I wore it already twice, how can I make it look different?, Will people notice?, Will they judge?”.
Being in a bubble where things always have to look brand new is not realistic for most of us, and if you have a blog, try to take that big load of pressure off your shoulders. I do believe in trying to push creativity to reinvent your wardrobe, even if that is hard, but having to post new stuff every day is not realistic, yet it seems like thats what some people demand, to always see new things. The blogging community is supposed to be a source of inspiration, on how to wear your favourite items in different ways, not a source of pressure to always buy new things.

Reuse and recycle, wear what you like in different ways, wearing the same things twice, three times or even ten won’t make you look bad, it will make you look like a normal human being so the pressure is off! ;)



  1. I do love your blog. You always look so cute!! This post has made me think about buying fashion things all the time. Sometimes I feel a little bit pressure about that.

  2. I actually prefer the fact you wear your stuff over and over again. I love so many of your pieces and i really am inspired by the different ways you wear them. That being said, the fashion culture in europe is different as to that in latinamerica and the states. When i lived there i would be panicking the night before about what i was gonna wear to a party or even to school. I now live in Austria and im so glad i can reuse the things i have, theres a reason i bought them!! And now i can spend on investment pueces i know will last and i can reuse a million times (without anyone judging me for it) instead of buying clothes im not really in love with just for the fact no one has seen it. Carine roitfeld has endless amounts of potential clothes to wear yet she’s known for repeating not only pieces but entire outfits :) she’s french and her style really comes through. So keep it up, i know im not only speaking for myself when i say i specially like this blog for that.

  3. Hahahah I love you made a blog post about this when a couple days ago I commented how i love your blog because it’s different from other fashion bloggers where they never wear the same thing twice. I think it’s good that it’s noticeable you wear your favorite things because it teaches us how we can switch up our wardrobe with the same pieces. We’re all real people. Not millionaires with a never ending wardrobe.

    Fancy Nancy’s YouTube

  4. Great post, part of that feeling we owe it to the blonde salad and kayture… Not realistic blogs at all!!!

  5. Thanks for clearing the air for all the bloggers. Yes at times I do wonder if people will ever notice and at times I feel so good to just wear what I bought that is super comfortable. I really appreciate bloggers like you who can reuse and recycle pieces and still make it look so good every time =)

  6. The coat is pure perfection and so is your post. It is so true what you say, even if my blog is still very new (I started this April) I already wore some pieces twice or even more often and I also think this is what the fashion blogging should be about. Being creative with what you have otherwise you could subsitute every blog with a fashion catalog….

    best wishes

  7. Great look and great words of wisdom! I love to see bloggers rewear specific pieces because it shows the styling versatility of the pieces and adds dynamic to it!


  8. I love that jacket! I like how bloggers wear same things again, it’s nice to see different ways to style the piece!

    Sophia // sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  9. I think that’s one of the challenges of blogging but it’s a fun challenge. When I repeat an item I have to think of a new way to wear it so it makes me open my mind to create a new look with it. I don’t think the real fashion lovers will judge.


  10. Wow you are such an inspiration.. I follow you on ig and I absolutely love all your posts! I just recently started a fashion blog and seeing your posts inspire me to keep my blog going! Thanks for being so awesome ! :-)

  11. i agree and want that is no pressure in that area and in celebrities, that is so waste of money if we would wear every think only once and also if i really like it why i cant wear it another time, i see celebrities wear same stuff too, like tom cruise wears his boots many times or katie holmes too, they are rich and famous so i will wear many times my clothes too and show them on blog many times too lol

  12. This is great! It seems like so few fashion bloggers focus on re-wearing and re-styling the same items, but how could you only wear all those beautiful things just once? Love it.

  13. this message is so important in the fashion blogging world & only makes me love you more. my #1 complaint about fashion blogging is it pushes a consumerist agenda that is not sustainable for the readers & more importantly, for the environment. so much more interesting to see how creative you can get with the things you already own than to see how much money you can spend on new items. makes me think of early audrey hepburn. apparently at her first acting job — i believe it was a theater production — she was poor & only had one outfit. but by wearing her scarf in a different way each day, she managed to pull off many different looks. let’s all take a cue from the best, folks!

    ps — i’ve featured a andy a bunch in my latest fall fashion roundup:


  14. Los bloguers también somos humanos, creo que ni los editores pueden usar ropa nueva diario, eso que dices de reinventar tus prendas en diferentes outfits es lo ideal, es lo que siempre hago, yo no tengo mucha ropa,pero trato de ver como se ve una prenda en diferentes outfits, creo eso es lo que hacemos los ego-bloggers, si quieren ver ropa nueva que vean un catalogo jajaja saludos Andy xx!!


  15. The blogging community is supposed to be a source of inspiration, on how to wear your favourite items in different ways, not a source of pressure to always buy new things.

    Ahhh I couldn’t agree more! :)

  16. really enjoyed reading this post. It’s very refreshing to see somebody actually talk about what it takes behind the scenes to be a blogger
    hope you can drop by sheheartsfashion.com

    with love, Jen

  17. You look fabulous, I love your style.
    I have just recently started my own blog and was also thinking about this issue of having a new look each day – decided though instead one of this weeks posts will be 10 tips on how to revamp the wardrobe you have…
    Looking forward already to your next look.

  18. Great thoughts, Andy! I think that the mission of fashion blogger is to teach people to dress up well using what they have. It’s more difficult to invent a new outfit from old items than to show smth new everyday. If you can give new life to old items that means that you are more skillfull fashionista. We should all buy less and experiment with our wardrobe more. I’m also a fashion blogger and I don’t feel ashamed to show the same coats, etc. in my posts.

  19. I completely agree with you. I personally love seeing how people can reinvent their favourite things instead of just buying more and more clothes, that’s where real creativity and style is shown.

  20. I agree with you Andy, just cuz you are a fashion blogger it doesn’t mean you can’t wear your clothes over and over again. If something looks so damn good as this coat it would be such a stupid thing not to show around it as many time as possible :)

    x Edina

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  21. amazing outfit! And I think it’s great wearing the same things more than ones! Especially if you like them and so show your readers all the different ways to style just one piece! I think this is really what a good fashion blog is about! So really great post, totally agree with you! <3

  22. Hey Andy! We are on a serious reinvention mission here in London! Have a look at WRAP and Back Of The Wardrobe or just read the past post on my blog.. ;) that might interest you! X

  23. Absolutely love this post! I will never think about the pressure of having to post something NEW all the time. Your points are right on! I share the same philosophy, and I am a huge fan of your style. Also, that is very true, it isn’t about buying new things, but inspiring people to try new things. I love the way you put that!! Bravo!!

  24. This is so true! I would also love for you to do one of those; 13 items worn in 13 outfits, or whatever number seams appropriate :) You have such creativity, and I also love when you pull out something from years ago that is still cool.

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