STSC5922STSC5862 STSC5887STSC6191 STSC5880 STSC5837 STSC5976 STSC5959 STSC6006Ph. Shot at The Parker Palm Springs Hotel  |  I’M WEARING  >>  Pants & Top: Stine Goya  |  Shoes: MANGO  |  Sunglasses: Celine  |  Bag: Jimmy Choo

Finally!!!! The Eagle has landed!!! Jezzz, I’ve been dying to start sharing my posts from the Road-trip for days but out of a very dedicated and organised part of my personality, I managed to work after hours the week before I flew here to get content up on the blog, just in case there wasn’t internet, or due to the long drives, or the sleepless nights, you know how road trips are. My buffer of posts is now over and I can finally start sharing with you this amazing trip I have been literally DREAMING of all my life.

I had something planned which was a lot longer, more of a coast-to-coast trip, but I was running out of time and a short road trip had to do, plus I can still plan a longer trip in the near future. I landed in Los Angeles about a week and a day ago, rented a car at LAX and started the road trip. The first stop was Palm Springs and even though it was cloudy and kind of chilly while I was there, I still had the most amazing time!

I stayed at The Parker Hotel, which was a total dream for what you can see in the photos (more to come). It was the perfect hotel to start this amazing journey and every single corner was incredibly picturesque. I have had SO MANY experiences in the past week and if you follow me on instagram you probably have seen all the places I had visited. I kick myself for not writing (or more like typing) things down on a daily basis, to have my memories and experiences fresh. I have so much to tell you and the things that I have seen. This past week has been such a whirlwind and Im not even half way through.

Traveling is Happiness…


97 thoughts on “PALM SPRINGS

  1. Estas guapisima en la cuarta foto!!!!!! Bueno en todas pero esa es increible. Estoy desando saberlo todo del viaje! Un viaje por carretera es uno de mi sueños tambien. Me alegro de que lo hayas disfrutado tanto. Un beso!

  2. Your trip sounds incredible! You lead such an amazing life, Andy, I’m sure you’ll always have something to remember around every corner. Really gorgeous post! Pretty top and bottom, and I adore the bag, the setting is also very pretty. :) Looking forward to seeing more from your trip! <3

  3. Truly beautiful, gotta love Palm Springs! Paradise for sure ;) I’ve been keepin up with your instas and it looks like you’re having a blast! Road trips are always fun, can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures and adventures of the West Coast ;)


  4. This two pieces look can’t be more amazing, the print is so cool and perfect for Palm Springs and they look like a jumpsuit so is super chic. It’s so original and fantastic, I like so much the detail of the belt and the white bag is really fancy

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