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As usual, I have been shooting A TON of content with my iPhone on this road trip, some photos don’t even make the cut into instagram and end up getting lost on my phone, just to be used ages later on a sporadical #ThrowBackThursday.
This time I decided not to waste that content and share it with you as well, because Looks of the Day is mainly what I do over here, but these diaries really represent the spirit of my travels, it gives more of an insight on what I love and what I like to surround myself with.
This is a compilation of my candid photos during my 2 days stay in Palm Springs, California. SO MUCH MORE TO COME!!!



  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Palm Springs, but my hubs compares it to a desert aka nothing out there. What are your thoughts on it?

    xo Carlina

  2. The images reflect such an awesome holiday destination! Especially love the first image of you jumping, you looked like you are really enjoying yourself!


  3. It’s so convenient to just use my iPhone for pics as well… Sometimes I don’t have my camera with me, or like when I’m in the car, I definitely won’t have it out of its bag or turned on, so my phone is what I snap little photos on.
    Your pics are so pretty, you’d never know the difference!

    <3 dani

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