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I am kind of hooked with lingerie for the past year which I find very ironic, considering I never used to pay attention to it before. I would probably wear mismatched lingerie all the time and end up with thinking: “Did I seriously dress in the dark?!”. Now I have completely been converted, its not even for the sexy factor of the actual lingerie being “seen”, but knowing you are wearing really beautiful lingerie underneath is a very empowering thought and yeah, sexy too, why not.

How do you feel about lingerie? Do you pay attention to it or do you also get dressed in the dark? :P


69 thoughts on “HOT WINTER

  1. Those pieces are absolutely wonderful !
    Just like you, I used not to pay attention to the mismatched ensembles I wore, but now, I consider beautiful lingerie as a real investment in terms of self-confidence ! I could wear a garbage bag and still feel good if I have beautiful lingerie underneath this !

  2. actually, for me is very important to wear nice lingerie, no matter what I’m wearing over it…. It just makes me feel really nice and it boosts my confident in some way, because I have some extra kilograms ans I know that nice lingerie looks good on everyone. Even tho no one can see it, it still feels amazing! :)

  3. Absolutely agree with you. Feels great to put on a sexy set underneath:) there are so many pieces I own but neglect to wear except for special occasions. so I’ll make a change today and wear a good pair of lingerie instead of a regular mismatched piece :))


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