4I3A0774j4I3A0760j 4I3A0785j4I3A0791j 4I3A0796j STSC5134Gary Baseman for Coach Bag photos shot by me with the Canon 7D Mark ll

As part of the “Come and See” campaign, Canon asked me to browse through my closet and find that one piece I love, my ultimate favourite and really see through the details that make that piece special. I realised this was quite challenging since I have a lot of favourite items, but then I found one piece that even though it’s relatively new, has become quite a special item for me.
I just came back from one of the most incredible road trips I have ever done in my life, some of you followed my adventures through social media and I am still sharing every single bit of it here as well, yet we haven’t got to this part yet.

While I was in Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Baseman, an incredibly talented American artist who has recently worked with Coach on their new SS15 collection. When I first saw the collection during New York Fashion Week, I was blown away by the illustrations and the characters that gave life to every garment. Gary creates drawings that are a lot more than just “cute”, there’s such depth, beautiful darkness about them. You can’t ever fully understand that before you have actually met him though, when you get to sit and listen to him tell you his story. After I met him I started to see his art in a completely different way, you understand the characters better, there’s such sorrow about some of them yet others bring you joy and happiness.

This Coach bag is a part of their collaboration with Gary, where he design the whole print and I was lucky enough to have him sign it for me at the back (you can see it on the 4th picture), but then he carried on drawing the same pattern on the top part with a silver sharpie making my bag completely unique and special…This bag not only represents the fact that I got to meet such an interesting and talented man, but it will always remind me of this unforgettable road trip and my sunsets in California, that’s what makes this piece so incredibly special for me.


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  1. Wow! What an amazing opportunity, I love the fun elements of this bag and you got some stunning shots! x


  2. The bag is truly amazing and I love the story behind it. Smaller and bigger souvenirs from special holidays are the best way to always remember this time. xx

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