It might not seem like it but I love creating video content (some of you might remember my old video diaries on youtube). The reason why you don’t often see video content on StyleScrapbook is because I hardly find the time to create it, but I’m hoping that can change soon.

The first ‘semi-professional’ camera I ever got was the Canon EOS 7D and I remember how excited I was the first time we shot with it. That camera had a massive impact on StyleScrapbook and gave me a big boost in the quality of content I could put up. I got the 7D in 2011 and used it almost every day up until 2013 when I got the 5D Mark lll.

I was thrilled when Canon asked me if I would be interested in working with them on the new ‘Come and see‘ campaign, where I would have the chance to work with the new 7D mark ll. As a part of this project, I decided to share a piece of Amsterdam that many of you might not know about. Flowers have such an emotional effect on us, and there’s a good chance that the next time you give them or receive them, they were here in Amsterdam less than a day before.

Come and see what happens behind the scenes at the largest flower auction in the world!


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