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Because when we aren’t shooting for the blog, I am always trying to capture the experience with my phone, even though I have to confess that I tried using my phone as little as possible during this road trip.
I love shooting editorial content to share with you guys but I also love sharing my bits of more candid experiences. Thats why I am doing a mobile visual diary from every single one of my stops during this trip, so every photo makes the cut, even the ones who didn’t end up on Instagram…



83 thoughts on “ARIZONA VISUAL DIARY

  1. I’ve been to Arizona a few years ago and loved it!!! Hope to return and see more of this beautiful state. Your photos are stunning! Love that skirt and top, so gorgeous. Those treat are making me hungry. lol

  2. La visión que nos compartes de Arizona es absolutamente nueva, fresca e increíble. Qué hermosas fotografías Andy. Amo el Gran Cañon!!

  3. Haha I love how you took a photo of the drugstore/convenience store! For people who live in the south of the United States (I’m from Oklahoma–I would say you should come and visit but really, I wouldn’t waste your time in such a boring and dry state!) drugstores are such a common sight! But I can see why Europeans might find them so interesting–they are like the epitome of USA culture -_-
    Either way, glad you had a beautiful time here in the USA!

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

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