STSC8254STSC8324 STSC8380 STSC8280 STSC8464 STSC8485j STSC8317jI’M WEARING  >>  Suit: Gestuz  |  Bag: Alexander Wang  |  Shoes: H&M Trend  |  Sunglasses: DIOR  |  Watch: Larsson and Jennings

We shot these right before flying to Marrakech, one of those days where I completely forgot it was Autumn and we were still enjoying from an extremely appreciated Indian Summer. There’s something about suits that has got me all crazy about them lately. This one seems very “corporate” and I have already worn it before while filming with Canon during London Fashion Week, but pinstripes are such a classic and you can always style it up up make it less formal.


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  1. I love everything about this look. The suit looks very professional and feminine at the same time. And very interesting choice of sunglasses!

  2. Hey Andy! I’m starting a lifestyle designers blog and it really helps to use successful bloggers like yourself as a reference point. I think you do great things and I hope to one day be of great influence to my audience just like you. Keep it up =)

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