88 thoughts on “THREE DAYS

  1. El toque ultra femenino de las media me encanta. Se pareces a las que usaba de niña. Detalles así hacen que un look pase de estar bien a ser WOW!

  2. I love your hair! I have a similar haircut except yours looks amazing and mine looks like poop. Would love it if you could do a hair tutorial some day :)

  3. andy ….my fashionista .. i just checked around h&m for that jacket couldn’t find. isn’t from current collection or you had purchased it before.?

  4. i didn’t even realise this was a shirt at first, thought it was a two piece over leggings…fab! Great way to mix quirk/girly/grunge

  5. Really love this sweater, both the black and white one. The black dress in the same style is pretty cool as well. Unfortunately I’m not the kind of girl to go camping in front of the store, so probably won’t get my hands on neither of these items :).

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