IMG_3786IMG_3785 IMG_3790 IMG_3789 IMG_3788 IMG_3787IMG_3791I’M WEARING  >>  Coat  |  Belt  |  Bag: SPORTMAX

A white coat can really turn a casual look into something a lot more elegant. I love this Sportmax coat with large lapels, it just gives a coat more character, specially when you can raise it up like on the first photo… I would have probably worn this coat on its own, like a “dress” and with that thick black belt over, maybe with a cool pair of ankle boots and a messy hair bun but gosh, it was way too cold for those styling ideas of mine.


72 thoughts on “SHIPYARD

  1. That outfit looks amazing on you!!!
    Black and white, my favourite match colors and you look wonderful with them!

  2. Black&white looks are my favorites, it’s the perfect mix and you know thatevery time you wear it you look amazing. The coat is so elegant and beautiful and these ripped jeans are so rock. These high heels are very fancy and fabuous, love it so much. The place for the shooting is super cool

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