I love scented candles, I have tons of them of different brands and different scents but theres something about Diptyque that everyone finds very attractive. A very good option to give some After Life to your favourite Diptyque candles is to use them as storage pieces once they have burned out. Keeping your makeup brushes is just one of a to if different ideas. What would you used them for?


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      1. Thanks a lot! Please can you do some looks how to include stone jewelry with different colors of clothing even black and white? That will be great.

  1. Hi Andy!
    I must say I enjoy seeing you post about something other than outfits. Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love the beautiful photos you share and I’m a fan of your style since I remember. But it’s nice to see some other content, too!

    Those makeup tools look fabulous in the empty packages of Diptyque. Super chic! As for me, I’m a huge fan of Yankee Candles. They come in beautiful jars that I later use to store cotton pads, but also sugar and spices :)


    Style Standpoint

  2. Thank you so much Andy! You’ve just given me a lightbulb moment for recycling the candle cups. I bought quite a few Diptyque candles lately and loved them so much! I never had a chance to buy them previously because they weren’t available in my country. Now that I moved to Paris temporarily and I decided to grab the chance. I burned out 2 of them and find it tough to chuck the cups because its so lovely and they’re of good quality glass. Now I know what to do with it. Woohoo!! =D

  3. I say nay.

    The statement beading is truly beautiful but the material is NOT good.
    It is 100% Polyester and 100% Acryl.

    These are very cheap materials – you will feel the static electricity on your hair.
    You have to wash it with hand because the beading will be lost if you’d put it in the washing machine.

    And the price of 200€ is not justified in relation to the material. Not at all…
    You can buy better pieces for that money.

  4. I love using old candle glass as makeup brush holders! I love to use them for my q-tips or pen holders too! I saw a girl depotted her cacti into the Diptyque glass and it looks amazing!

    Sophia //

  5. I buy little candles and put them in it and I thought that I could also paint them so the light looks more sophisticated
    And I use them sometimes for flowers :)


  6. I have literally just thrown out a glass candle since it had completely burnt out! My boyfriend even asked me if I wanted to use it for anything and I said no. He actually suggested using it as a glass for drink such as spirits (it was a slightly bigger candle), however, I love your idea! I wish I hadn’t binned mine! x

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