AndyTorresPoolMorocco6AndyTorresPoolMorocco AndyTorresPoolMorocco10 AndyTorresPoolMorocco4 AndyTorresPoolMorocco7 AndyTorresPoolMorocco2 AndyTorresPoolMorocco3 AndyTorresPoolMorocco11I’M WEARING  >>  Suit: H&M Studio  |  Shoes and clutch: Jimmy Choo  |  Rings: Tom Wood & Fashionology.nl

This is not your average pool, that’s why this is not your average pool look…While shooting for Jimmy Choo in Marrakech, I really wanted to capture the beauty of the surroundings and environments that are completely different to the places I normally shoot around. This room was definitely on my top 10 wonders found during in my short trip to Marrakech.


94 thoughts on “POOLSIDE

  1. Adore your style! Wouldn’t mind meeting you in person one day ;)
    Planning my next trip to Marrakech and wondering what riad this was? Looks gorgeous.
    Love from Antwerp <3

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