AndyTorresTiles6AndyTorresTiles9 AndyTorresTiles4 AndyTorresTiles7J AndyTorresTiles8 AndyTorresTiles2 AndyTorresTiles3jAndyTorresTiles AndyTorresTiles5I’M WEARING  >>   Dress: Stine Goya  |  Shoes: Jimmy Choo  |  Necklaces:

I am going to miss looking at photos with all those colourful tiles, the beautiful architecture, the exotic feeling but this is my last look from Morocco. I have been waiting to wear this dress but the weather hasn’t been very bare leg friendly in Holland, not that it isn’t expected. Soon I will be flying somewhere warmer, escaping the winter, even though I have to say I am kind of daydreaming of a cabin in the woods, on a snowy landscape and a fireplace. Maybe soon…


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  1. This smokey-eye makeup suits you really well! But then again I also love your usual “no-makeup” makeup look.
    Still obsessed about your eyebrows, by the way, is that OK? xxoo

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