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October came and went faster than I could imagine. Ahhhh, so much has happened since September and time seems to be speeding up with 2.0 superpowers. Very soon I will flying to another continent, then back to Europe and then off to yet another continent again. I am trying to keep myself distracted and busy so this should do the trick… Before I know it, it will be time to celebrate StyleScrapbook’s 7 year anniversary at the end of this month and the light of my life -my beloved niece and goddaughter- will turn 3 years old. Bring on the good times!!!



70 thoughts on “OCTOBER IN A NUTSHELL

  1. This is such a fab idea for an end of month post – I usually do something like a ‘top 4 looks of the month’ Insta collage for social media, but this is a much better idea so may just have to steal it!

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