STSC0657 STSC0562STSC0525 STSC0660 STSC0652 STSC0506 STSC0482I’M WEARING  >>  Coat: Stine Riis for H&M  |  Dress: ZARA  |  Bag: Sportmax  |  Beanie: Bernstock Speirs

You see this place on my instagram a lot when I go for runs, but this place rarely sees me with other clothes other than running tights and sneakers. This is my happy place, a huge forrest on the outskirts of Amsterdam where I can always escape to…


111 thoughts on “MY HAPPY PLACE

  1. Wow this place is wonderful. The look is really original and chic, the coat is so beautiful and it looks amazing with these súper fancy boots. You girl look sexy, beautiful and noble. I love the way you smile. It’s natural :)

    Btw, here is my newest Winter Coats for Men Collection at Áo khoác nam. Thanks for visitting my blog.

  2. Hi Andy

    The setting looks beautiful and I really understand why you run there. I love your coat, the shape is beautiful and I really like the little black arm patch detailing. The bag that you have featured in this post is amazing, I really need this in my wardrobe. This really is a great outfit and looks great on you!

    L x

  3. I’m starting to get really impressed with H&M and all of its collaboration. All the pieces produced are just remarkable and beautiful. They even look couture-esque and high end. Guess I should stop by more often now huh!?

    This coat that you are wearing is just… gorgeous. Structure with a hint of flowiness, it exudes sophistication and yet cool. Looks comfy too. And the leather detailing on the elbow is also… umm… how should I put it… weird in a creative way? And your beanie… Le sigh… so elegant… I love your outfit a lot!! <3

    Hints of Peppermint & Chocolate

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