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Something is happening to me lately, to my style, to my outlook on life, the way I react to things and so on. Its all a part of growing up I guess, but lately I have just felt more daring, daring to be who I really am, get the real me out a little more, finally!.
Speaking of style, I have been trying to experiment with new things lately, things that I would find out of my comfort zone and now I find quite daring and interesting. This suit from Sportmax is the perfect example, yet I wanted to “sexy it up” a little bit. I am notorious for being a bit of a tomboy, sporty and not your stereotypical “girly” girl and thats why I love Sportmax, because it really translates into my aesthetic, yet lately I have felt like letting a bit of a sexy side out. Even though I have never considered myself to be a sexy woman, I think all girls have it in them, to be a bit seductive without showing too much skin, its all about finding the right balance.

This suit paired with this lace body really shows that for me, yet I don’t advice you to wear this to the office at all, there you will need to be more covered ;)



132 thoughts on “LOOKING TOO CLOSELY

  1. definitely agree with your recent risk taking – I think sometimes as a woman you need to be brave and try new things to know what really works well, and I know I’ve sometimes surprised myself when I’ve done it! My body shape has changed a lot over the years so different shapes work better for me now. Checks are one of my longtime faves so I’m totally enjoying the suit, and the fa t that you’ve put some super sexy girlyness into it with the other pieces. Challenge met Id say!

  2. I absolutely love this suit paired with the lace detail of the top, and just enough jewelry! I love this look! You look gorgeous!

  3. I absolutely love this suit paired with the lace detail of the top, and just enough jewelry! I love this look!

  4. I love this suit, and the way you styled it with lace. Of course, more daring than anything and hard to be worn everyday but it could be an outfit to go out at night for example.


  5. Andy

    You always look gorgeous and sexy no matter what you wear
    . Its the shoes with this suit that really does it for me…yes the little lace bit but the heals of those shoes definitely bring in the extra sexy …..the way you sit, walk and stand with shoes that high…makes it seriously “hot”.


    1. Thank you so much dear! I just told him and we both got very happy. We really tried doing something different to what we normally do :)

      1. I totally agree! It looks right from a magazine spread! The light and angles in this shoot are so incredible! I actually look through your blog with my photographer at times when we’re needing inspiration! xx

        <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  6. You look really amazing in that suit! It’s true, you are more daring now. I really admire that! I’m still too shy to go out of my comfort zone…

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