I posted this photo on instagram yesterday and I thought I should also share it on the blog with you guys. Sometimes while I am watching my favourite series, I like bringing out my favourite nail polishes and do cool things to my nails, even though I very often fail and end up with just one colour coating. I wanted to so something very geometrical this time and I was quite frankly surprised as to how good my pulse was. I didn’t use any tape or tools to make that straight line, but if you want to copy it, I know there are a few tricks you can use to get a perfectly straight line.
What  used was a very thin and pointy brush. I initially did an under coat, then 2 layers of a nude colour (I used Dior’s “Muguet” shade but OPI also has greta nude options), drew a white line across the nail with the thin brush and then filled it in once it was dry. I have so many layers of nail polish on this that I really doubt it will last long before it starts chipping but hey, I will categorised this as a total manicure success.


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