AndyTorresForCoach3AndyTorresForCoach8 AndyTorresForCoach AndyTorresForCoach4 AndyTorresForCoach6 AndyTorresForCoach7 AndyTorresForCoach2 AndyTorresForCoach5I’M WEARING  >>  Snoopy Jumper: COACH x Peanuts (co)  |  Coat: ZARA (old)  |  Shoes: Sandro  |  Bag: COACH (c0)  |  Jeans: ASOS  |  Sunglasses: DIOR

Such a contrast from shooting in Morocco to shooting in Amsterdam, both so beautiful and unique. I have lived in Amsterdam for a long time yet I have never shot at Dam square before. Maybe its because the square is PACKED with tourists 24/7, so I am going to consider myself lucky there was barely anyone around while we shot these.

I was wearing a Snoopy jumper from the Coach x Peanuts collaboration which is actually quite significant for me, because Snoopy was my very first stuffed animal. I got it when I was 5 months old during my first Christmas and yes, there’s still a photo of me somewhere, big fat baby drooling over a perfectly size Snoopy, in fact I think it was almost my size, if not bigger. I always get sentimental like that with things I get emotionally attached to, I can’t help it.


107 thoughts on “CONTRASTS

  1. Love love love this outfit!!! I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I think it’s my favourite! Great job Andy!!!

  2. I love the jeans :) Also, I want to thank you for not being blatantly obvious with product placement. Though we all know bloggers get paid for it, I find it tasteless when bloggers plaster their pictures with it.

  3. amsterdam is lovely indeed and the dam square doen’t quite look like itself here, so calm and rustic.. so weird haha
    love the outfit, and the story about snoopy is so cute!
    xx ish

  4. How do you do it you always look put together! I love it.
    Amazing shoes! With every shot you get in Amsterdam you have me convinced to come and visit it!

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