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September was a crazy month, a whirlwind to be honest but Fashion Week season is always such a burst of inspiration and creativity when it comes to styling. I decided to put together some of my favorite details from most of my September looks. Its always so different to see them mixed up together, more fun in my opinion…You can probably notice some constants in my accessories and the thing is, once I get to wear an accessory I love, I will probably wear it for months until my style changes slightly. Can you guess which are my favorite accessories?



85 thoughts on “THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL

  1. Hi Andy !
    Please tell me, is this Zara dress from the actual collection? (The one you were wearing with this high boots from Jimmy Choo)
    Thanks for answering

  2. Love your Hermès bracelet, your watch, the combo blue dress and lace shirt, the zara jacket and shorts. Of course also the jimmychoo bags are to die for! Well done :-)

  3. It’s all about details. I love the necklace you’re wearing, it’s amazing ant these photos are stunning! Love this post dear xx

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