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This has been one of those; “Is this really happening?” moments, seriously. I have to be completely honest, I rarely get star struck and maybe its because I have been lucky enough to have seen many talented people at different events, fashion weeks and so on. Its always very surreal to bump into Hollywood stars at random cafes in LA (I still have to tell you that story), or walk past famous singers or my favorite designers (I also have to tell you this story), but standing next to a Rock legend, a Beatle, Paul McCartney was another level of crazy.

I took these photos at a very exclusive event during London Fashion Week when I was filming with Canon. They told me the event would be so exclusive I had to go by myself, no +1 allowed and made me hope to bump into some familiar faces. The event was for the launch of Stella McCartney’s Green Carpet collection and I just couldn’t not say no.
When I got to the venue near Bond Street in London, I took a deep breath, gave my name at the front and got in. I knew or assumed I would see some famous faces but I never expected to see that many.
Once I was in, one of the waiters dressed in a crisp white shirt and clearly hired from one of London’s best modeling agencies (same goes for most of the male model waiters that night) came towards me with a silver tray full of glasses of champagne, I took one and started to glance through the room. Salma Hayek, Samuel L. Jackson, Drew Barrymore were standing just there, in front of me and made me wonder what had I done to deserve that spot and how on earth did I manage to infiltrate that world. They were certainly not the only celebrities, the whole room was full of British and Hollywood stars and as I was walking amongst them, I had a moment of realization; They are just normal people, like you and me, people who happen to be very good at what they do which is a very realistic aim for you and me.
I was pondering on all of these thoughts as I felt someone bump into the back of me, I turned around and it was Paul McCartney…Sir Paul McCartney! Now I have a very good story to tell my children one day; “Let me tell you the story of the day I -literally- bumped into Paul McCartney”.



55 thoughts on “THE DAY I MET PAUL McCARTNEY

  1. Andy! De por si disfruto leer tu blog cada día, hoy que leí este post, me llena de alegria (y envidia) que hayas conocido a Sir Paul McCartney, AKA Godlike genius. Yo tuve la fortuna de conocerlo hace dos años en el DF. Recuerdo ese día y sigo teniendo escalofrios y me da un shock :) xx

  2. OMG, How lucky you are, I’m happy for you, he’s a legend, The Beatles are my favourite thing in the whole world, in fact, my blog is named after the song Ticket to ride and the subtitle is from Starwberry Fields, that’s how The Beatles are important in my life. I can’t be sad while listenning to them. It must feel so surreal to see him IRL and not at a show. You deserve all this for your hard work and cool blog. ;)

  3. Lucky you! What an experience- bumping into Paul McCartney. That is certainly a story to boast about .


  4. That’s such a life-changing moment! When I lived in NYC, it was so hard to pretend not to care if you saw a celebrity at a restaurant or bar or club (like the time I was sitting in a wine bar, and Vince Vaughn sat down next to me). They ARE just normal people… except Paul McCartney!! What an amazing occurrence/story to tell :)

    <3 dani

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