AndyTorresWhiteCoat8AndyTorresWhiteCoat5 AndyTorresWhiteCoat3 AndyTorresWhiteCoat9 AndyTorresWhiteCoatI’M WEARING  >>  Coat: H&M Studio collection  |  Jumper: H&M Trend  |  Jeans: MiH Jeans  |  Boots: Jimmy Choo

While I was in New York, I promised myself to stay away from the stores because as long as I was away, I wouldn’t have to shop right? And this is not because I don’t like shopping, who doesn’t? (apart from every single guy I have ever dated), but I just can’t find space in my closet anymore, so I am actively trying to go on a shopping strike. With that said, I did have my eyes set on this jacket because 1) I didn’t have any convincing and warm white jacket yet and 2) it looked so cozy I genuinely thought I wouldn’t suffer a minute of cold during the winter.

I found this jacket from the Studio collection at the H&M on Times Square and there were just two of them left, again, this was basically destiny telling me I was making the right decision and if you cannot trust destiny on shopping advice, who can you trust? :P



109 thoughts on “LUCKY FIND

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA you are so funny! But nice shopping, the coat looks great on you… you’re so tall :)

  2. I really like the co,our of these boots, but more standout than others I’ve seen! The White coat is the perfect mix of cool and chic whilst still looking cosy

  3. Love this! I believe in shopping destiny too! I went into H&M and found the dress i’d been wanting for ages, but to what I could see there were only two size 8’s left. I had already tried the size 8 and it was too small, so I thought it was a waste of time. But then I noticed on the label of one of the dresses it stated a size 10, so it had been labelled up wrong! I ran to the fitting rooms and to my surprise it fitted me perfectly! Now if that isn’t shopping fate then I don’t know what is! :)

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