94 thoughts on “HOME IS WHERE…

  1. Amazing photos.Sometimes is the best to stay at home and don’t worry about how you look or what you wear,although to be honest,that part about not worrying how you look is not completely true,I like to look nice even when I’m sitting at my home wearing leggings are sweater.I like to look good to feel good <3


  2. Andy You look amazing !!!

    Where is your skirt from ? I think I saw you wear it In a previous post but can seem to find it !!! Thank you so much for your answer !

  3. Hi Andy,
    Really cool lingerie! Beautiful colours. Good that you dare to show your body! I really don’t dare to, because of my belly from the three pregnancies I had!
    Continue with the work you do! I love your style like I do like many others!
    Best wishes,

  4. I’ve never commented before but the detail on the back of that black bra is stunning! Where is it from?

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