AndyTorresShearling4AndyTorresShearling2 AndyTorresShearling3 AndyTorresShearling AndyTorresShearling6 AndyTorresShearling5 AndyTorresShearling7I’M WEARING  >>  Shearing Jacket: Sandro  |  Boots: Jimmy Choo  |  Jeans: ASOS  |  Necklaces:  Fashionology  |  Sunglasses: Celine

I went out the door yesterday and for the first time in a long while I felt cold. This happens every year, the Post Summer-beginning of Autumn drastic change where the leaves start to fall rapidly, the rain starts pouring and the days get colder and darker a little earlier every day. The grass is always greener on the other side they say but I gotta learn to accept theres nothing to do about these changes, except maybe moving to California or Mexico but in the meantime, I should learn to layer a bit better because theres no sign of me crossing the Atlantic for good. Not for now at least.



123 thoughts on “FRONT PORCH

    1. Hola! Mucha gente me dice lo mismo, pero cuando me conocen en persona dicen que ya no me parezco nada, quien sabe :P
      Un beso!!!

  1. I just started to get to use to these changes, when suddenly summer has returned into my country….it’s like 27 to 30 C and I already rearranged my closet (luckly I’ve saved some summer clothes)….

    Layering is always a good choice, helps us keep warm…but I must say…you look stunning! Those skinny jeans look amazing on you and the high boots are to die for!!!!

  2. I can’t wait for your autumn looks! I think your blog is the one that inspires me the most around this time of year, I have literally bought things I never even thought would look good because I saw it on you and you always make it work. And I think that’s what being a personal style blogger is about. On another note, so many fashion bloggers nowadays seem to only post their looks with one or 2 sentences along with them, I’m very glad you don’t. I’m sure I’m not only speaking for myself when I say I thoroughly enjoy reading through your posts :) keep up the good work, you have a lot of fans in Austria. (sorry for the long-ish post)

  3. For now, I am enjoying the weather. I’m a fall child, so I like the beginning of autumn, beautiful,sunny weather. Deep autumn with the rain and the cold, I am not the biggest fan at times, but sometimes I look up and see the leaves falling in the sun and the breeze and I remember why I love fall so much. Fabulous look! Great transitioning outfit, you look ready for the chilly weather! That’s not REALLY your front porch, is it? Lol!

  4. i love this look, it’s warm but still fashionable and i adore the boots, you and your amazing long legs can pull it of and you look 10 feet tall!
    xx ish

  5. I had the same thought days ago. I guess the only thing we should do is to accept the change before the change changes us!! Or something like this!! Your positivity will help you! :)

  6. Love the thigh high boots. I’m actually thinking about getting ones but I’m a bit reluctant, as I am not sure it will look good on me since I’m 1,60m tall. Do you think thigh high boots look good on short people?

    Love xx Sara

  7. I totally get you! In Venice it’s cold right now…and i’m dying to wear my new skirt but i can’t! Hope the sun comes out! BTW great look as always, i love those boots and the jacket is just perfect!!!

  8. Love this look! ripped denim and high boots looks gorgeous! ..Its coming into to summer here in Australia but as you said the grass is always greener! I am dreaming of winter after visiting Europe and being inspired by all the new season clothing in stores over there!

  9. Oh I know that feeling and I hate it every year again. But with so nice outfit ideas and such a beautiful pair of boots you look definitely prepared for the upcomin season – in other words, love that look ;)

    best wishes

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