AndyTorresWangAndyTorresWang2AndyTorresWang6AndyTorresWang4 AndyTorresWang5 AndyTorresWang3I’M WEARING >>  Top: Alexander Wang for H&M  |  Pants: Mango  |  Bag: Jimmy Choo  |  Sunglasses: Dior  |  Necklaces:

Never say never because I said I would never be wearing cropped tops and I was clearly wrong. This jumper is one of my favourite pieces from the WANGxH&M collection and I reckon its gonna be one of the items that will fly of the clothing racks in no time….Its Wednesday again and I can’t believe its been a week since I played at the opening of H&M’s biggest European store. I am missing my months of practicing on my mixing, trying to find the perfect tracks for this party and figuring out ways to keep my neighbours happy despite the music, but hey, they did have a private DJ in the building though, my dinning room still looks like this and yes, Im still playing.



86 thoughts on “FOREVER AND A DAY

  1. Beautiful pictures!
    Love this outfit so much, and the top is so gorgeous!!
    can’t wait to buy some pieces from the alexander wang for H&M collection <3

  2. Andy, cómo es que dices que pensaste que nunca usarias un crop top? Es una de mis tendencias favoritas!!!! :)

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