AndyTorresFlowers4AndyTorresFlowers AndyTorresFlowers3 AndyTorresFlowers2 AndyTorresFlowers6 I’M WEARING  >>  Dress: Baum Und Pferdgarten  |  Bag: Alexander Wang  |  Shoes: Balenciaga  |  Sunglasses: Celine

This dress was an instant hit the moment I saw it. I wore it in New York Fashion Week  but of all days, this was the day when I was the busiest and I couldn’t shoot, which truthfully made me very angry, I freaking love this dress and I really wanted to shoot it with a New York setting.

A month later, I still haven’t given up on it and just in time to still bare the Autumn chill. The weather in A’dam has been pretty mild for this time of the year which I am HAPPY as hell about, but I wont get too ahead of myself…I don’t know whats with me and neoprene in the past few years, I don’t seem to get over it and a friend who doesn’t work in Fashion asked me the other day; Andy, is that the same fabric that makes the Mickey Mouse costumes in Disney? I was laughing so hard, I had to say yes and not crush his dreams hahaha.



125 thoughts on “FLOWERBOMB

  1. I am truly in love with the fourth picture in this post. It’s got this beauty and power to it that instantly pulled my attention. I know you were disappointed that you couldn’t shoot this dress in New York, but it really seems like shooting elsewhere really worked out for you. :)


  2. El estampado es hermoso, pero la parte de arriba no me convence. Si lo usará yo, seguro me vería con el pecho de Buzz Lightyear. LOL!

  3. Flowerbomb indeed! Love love the floral! The weather has taken ill here in London, but dresses like this are easily warmed up (a little) with some nice sheer black tights.

    Emily xx

  4. Can you make another overview post? I’d love to soo some of your gorgeous outfits together! Like a sort of ‘looks of the month’ post. I looooved yesterdays post also! :)

  5. I totally see why you love that dress, it is super pretty. The print, the fabric and especially the neckline make it really special. Just checked out their online shop and they have a lot of really nice things!

    best wishes

  6. This is definitely the most beautiful flower print dress I have ever seen. The material seems to be so good and there’s no better model than you. Great one xx

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