AndyTorresLongCoat6AndyTorresLongCoat2 AndyTorresLongCoat AndyTorresLongCoat5 AndyTorresLongCoat4 AndyTorresLongCoat9 AndyTorresLongCoat7 AndyTorresLongCoat8I’M WEARING  >>  Leather pants: J Brand  |  T-Shirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs  |  Coat: H&M Trend  |  Boots & Bag: Jimmy Choo   |  Scarf: H&M Trend

Sometimes Amsterdam makes me feel as if I was living in the set of a movie. No skyscrapers in sight, just small beautiful Dutch houses all over the place, sort of coming out of a fairytale. The Fall has brought its colours with and the trees are all looking beautifully yellow and red all over the place, which makes me find myself taking a photo every single time I cross a canal on my way to the office in the morning. Every single time the same photo, It always looks the same but different though. This place is magic…



110 thoughts on “FAIRYTALES

  1. You’re totally right, Amsterdam is such a beautiful and picturesque cities. I live in Ghent (which still doesn’t compare to Amsterdam, but is quite beautiful too) and I enjoy walking around the historical centre this time of the year so much. The water, old buildings, leaves turning brown and the frisky weather, it makes me feel refreshened and extremely happy.
    Love your look as well, the color combinations are just great, and leather pants are always a good idea!

    – Axelle

  2. Amsterdam sounds so amazing! I really want to go there one day! Love this outfit, especially your scarf, it’s gorgeous!

    Sophia // sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  3. so jealous. I live in LA and it’s too hot still, I want fall clothes already!!!

    BTW I was wondering, have you ever had (early blogging days) to shoot a whole post yourself. But like already with an slr camera? If so, could you give some tips on solo shooting yourself.


  4. Amsterdam is just so beautiful. Can’t believe I still haven’t been there.
    Your outfit is also amazing, but I especially love your hairstyle! xx

  5. What gorgeous images! I love the wintery outfit you are wearing as well.
    Amsterdam is a truly enchanting city.


  6. Amsterdam is a breathtakingly beautiful place. I love your outfit, the contrast in textures and most of all that blanket scarf! I’m on the hunt for a big cozy blanket scarf this season :). You look lovely

    Tasmin | Grandiose Days Blog

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