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Well, I don’t think I have ever shown this side of me on the blog before and I felt like it was an interesting, challenging and fun area to play with. I always show you what I wear, you probably know what my style is and know what to expect on the blog in terms of what I love wearing, but I have never shown you what lies beneath.

We all have another side to us and as much as I try show all my sides to you, there are some which I normally keep close to me. I shot this lingerie editorial with Hunkemoller trying to show my different sides and even though there is a very playful and innocent side to me, theres also the darker side that I rarely get to show and that really resounds on the very last photos. When it comes to picking underwear I normally tend to go more towards the very sexy side, which is ironic considering I don’t dress in a sexy way at all, in fact, I don’t consider myself to be sexy but I just love lace, transparencies and pieces that still give place to the imagination.

Thank you so much to Maison Rika for letting me shoot in their amazing space. I really need to book a night there and wake up to that view sometimes soon!

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Photos by Richard Nicholls


125 thoughts on “WHAT LIES BENEATH

  1. OMG! Love all of this, but the last photos with the onesie is absolutely amazing…. love that you have still kept this really classy and left a lot to the imagination! so great.

  2. As a photographer I love seeing emotion brought out in a photograph. You did a fantastic job showing all different kinds of emotion in this post. Your blog will now be in my feed. Thank you for sharing.

  3. What an amazing photoshoot Andy! We’ve never seen this side of you, and I really liked the fact that you felt comfortable showing us something so different from what you usually do. The pics are more on the artistic side, so I don’t find them too reveling, but I do find them sexy, since you wear underwear and a lot of lace. But you have such a gorgeous body, you have nothing to fear. Wish I was that fit!

  4. You look soooo great, beautiful and SEXY! Wow, I love the room where the photoshoot happened and you are the perfect subject and your body is a dream :)

    Really, really beautiful and georgous images!

    Love, melanie

  5. Andy las fotos están preciosa, que padre ver que hagas algo diferente, me encanta tu blog y lo sigo desde hace 5 años, pero últimamente se ha vuelto muy predecible, muy lo mismo, tus outfit androginos, mucho negro, las mismas locaciones en Amsterdam, (te ves hermosa, eso si!) uno que otro evento, cuando te ves hermosa con algo de color aquí y allá, yo estoy segura que a todas nos encantaría que tu blog tuviera un poquito de todo, no solo outfits, outfits y mas outfits mes con mes, los videos que subías antes estaban increíbles también, yo los disfrutaba bastante, en fin! es solo un feedback, espero que no se malentienda, yo soy de monterrey y estoy bien orgullosa que una mexicana represente en una posición tan fuerte el talento que tenemos, no nadamas somos lo que la gente ve en las noticias! un abrazo Andy! (:

  6. 5th one is really a killer! Great pics, not off the limits, just enough to tell what you want to tell… Hope to see more like these…

  7. Totally and completely one of my favorite posts in the blog. Loved the shooting, amazing photos.
    And I feel the very same way, I felt so identified with this post Andy.

    I admire you, keep on going.
    Greetings and love from México!

  8. I have to say, that these photos are Amazing… it’s also very sexy, but not vulgar at all , I’m glad that you show us other side of you , you’re gorgeous Andy :****

  9. Andy, you look amazing!
    I’m really loving the red/burgundy set but the last photos, which you describe als ‘your dark side’, are by far my favorite!
    I can relate very well to the lace thing, it can give me and my mood an instant boost to see/know/feel that I’m wearing such a beautiful, lovely, sexy lingerie set.
    Have a nice Wednesday :)
    xo Lyn

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