AndyTorresPrada5 AndyTorresPrada7AndyTorresPrada4 AndyTorresPrada8 AndyTorresPrada6 AndyTorresPrada AndyTorresPrada3 I’M WEARING  >>  Shoes: Prada  |  Top: Givenchy  |  Skirt: Jose Sanchez  |  Socks: COS  |  Bag: Neri Karra  |  Sunglasses: H&M    |  Necklaces: Fashionology  |  Rings: Tom Wood

When I really want something, it wont leave my mind until I pursuit it….I have been pretty fixated on these shoes for the longest time and I even tried to convince some of my male friends to buy the male version since I couldn’t find my size anywhere and this was the only way I could live vicariously through them, but they didn’t do it.

I have been in quite a few countries in the past few months but every time I would call the local Prada store, they either didn’t have this model anymore or my size was gone, which I find odd since I am a European size 40 and I always assumed that was the rarest of sizes, turns out it isn’t at all. The truth is, I was starting to think that I wasn’t finding them for a reason; “Maybe I am not meant to have them?”, “Maybe they aren’t meant for me?”. I consider myself quite a smart shopper, or at least for the past year or so. I used to impulse buy which translated in complete clutter and realizing I didn’t end up wearing certain items more than twice, which I now find repulsive and unacceptable behavior, therefor whenever I want to buy something, specially when its pricy, I think about it for AGES before making my decision. “-Am I really going to wear this more than 10 times?”, “How many different ways can I style these?”, and so on.

I FINALLY found these shoes in my size in London and after a long thought process, I decided they were an excellent buy. They are very “me” when it comes to style, they are a classic, they have a platform so in theory they re a hybrid between a flat shoe and a heel and well, I freaking love them, which in the end is the most important reason of them all.



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  1. this is the reason I love your blog and you, because we have second thought about buying, because nobody offers us clothes, shoes, bags, whatever! The blogosphere world is really big, but the girls who don’t have free things are smallest and then, girls kill herself to buy a thing just to have it! Crazy! Keep real just like you are Andy! <3

  2. I’ve noticed masculine style shoes making a comeback lately (especially leather loafer styles) but these are contemporary and the socks make it so cool and unique, amazing styling!

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