AndyTorresSequins9AndyTorresSequins AndyTorresSequins8 AndyTorresSequins7 AndyTorresSequins10 AndyTorresSequins12 AndyTorresSequins11 AndyTorresSequins5 AndyTorresSequins2 AndyTorresSequins4 AndyTorresSequins6I’M WEARING  >>  Skirt: H&M (old)  |  Shoes: Jimmy Choo  |  T-Shirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs  |  Bracelet: Hermes  |  Blazer: H&M Studio  |  Rings: Tom Wood  |  Clutch: Jimmy Choo  |  Necklaces: Fashionology

Re-use and Recycle right? You should see the amount of people that asked me where my skirt was from 2 days ago, even better, you should have seen the look on their face when I said it was from H&M! Sadly its a very old skirt yet one of my hidden treasures. I have this very keen eye for picking quite special pieces at times and some of them, I can still wear them throughout the years in many different ways without getting bored of them. Remember the first time I wore this 2 years ago?



124 thoughts on “MERMAIDS

  1. Hola Andy, este será el primer post que haga en tu página, la verdad me gusta mucho tu estilo, mi novia es una gran fan tuya, ya que se siente muy identificada contigo, sobre todo por la estatura :P, y por ella escribí un poco sobre ti en Wikipedia, esto de acuerdo a lo que puede encontrar en la red; realmente me encantaría una colaboración de tu parte, la página de wikipedia no me deja colocar una fotografía tuya, ya que no cuento con los derechos de autor, creo que con esto quedaría mucho mejor, te dejo el link por si tienes tiempo de leerlo.


  2. To be honest,if you haven’t mentioned that the skirt was 2 years old I wouldn’t even noticed it. You look stunning,gorgeous outfit,I really admire your style and your blog,you are such a talented blogger and I’m really proud of calling myself your fan.Hope you’ll write this blog for many more year and inspire young girls around the world,I’m from Croatia(small country in Europe) BTW.I started my blog almost a year ago(can’t believe it has been that long) and you are my inspiration <33

    Love you soo much,Valentina

  3. This look is so perfect for paris and love the fact that you recycle your clothes! Really need to add something sparkly like this to my wardrobe!

  4. Ah, so fabulous! This skirt really is one of my favourites from your wardrobe and yes, I remember the first time. This version is a lot chicer and I think I like it more. That sparkling clutch is a perfect added touch.
    Bowtie Diary

  5. yes, that’s my biggest styling motto. I love using and re-using my clothes in different ways!
    love the fancy skirt with a t-shirt for a day outfit. the shoes, of course are beautiful!
    Xo, Belen
    A Hint of Life

  6. Absolutely stunning!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ Perfect skirt, great shoes and amazing combination of all these pieces :) Love it , you look gorgeous as always ;)

  7. I love that you re-use old favorites and create more outfits with them! That’s what keeps me inspired at least. Buy less, buy statement pieces and wear them in a million ways, should be my goal for the new year :p

  8. That’s why I love your style sooooo much, you always inspire me in difference way to style the same stuff!!! You’re such a talent for picking special pieces!!! ;)

  9. That skirt is one of the most amazing sequinned pieces EVER! I have a little bit similar sequin pencil skirt from Topshop but part of the sequins are matte finish and there’s some velvet details :D Anyway, I love this outfit! And the look you have linked at the end of the post is one of my very favorites on Style Scrapbook. I just love the combination of sporty sweater and sequin skirt!

  10. This skirt is so beautiful and the color is amazing, the look is easy and chic, so you. Love the blazer with the elegant skirt and the Marc Jacobs tee is perfect for this outfit. These high heels are wonderfull. Love the place you chose for the shooting, Paris is incredible

  11. Love the skirt and the way you styled it. A little obsessed with your shoes now! They are absolutely beautiful.


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