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I very often wonder whether life has been mapped out for us before we even have a say in it, you know, destiny, faith, whatever. Then my brain stops me and tells me we get to create our own reality, we attract people and situations, we shape our lives….I guess thats how I have lived my life in the past few years, believing that we have the steering wheel, that we get to take our lives the direction we want to.
I rarely think about the future, not immediate but long term, I don’t know why, maybe its because I have learnt that things can change in a snap of a finger, or maybe I just like to get surprised and live each day. I am not perfect, nobody is, but I would like to think I am strong and even though I sometimes fear, I would never let fears shape my so called destiny. I just want to be happy, here, there, wherever and most importantly, I want to have no regrets…

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107 thoughts on “MAY THE ODDS BE WITH YOU

  1. Gorgeous outfit. The longcoat, lace and the shoes are just too good. Also, I don’t know if we have free will or if everything has been predetermined but whatever it is, I’m really glad that I have a place here on earth y’know? The universe is an amazing place and for some reason I’m here to experience it. That’s as good as it gets.


  2. i love the look but i love what you wrote even more, i am someone that’s easily scared and in general scared to get hurt, but words like yours inspire me to step out of my comfort zone more and try to ‘live’ a little more
    x ish

  3. sometimes I think we do have everything already planned out but then other times I feel like we can create our own destiny. It’s weird but right now I’m kind of in the middle. I think, the big events in life, the ones that really matter like who you marry, where you live, how many kids you have, the relationship with your family, your friends… I feel like those things are already set for us but the little decisions we make everyday to take us there are what we decide. We decide if we want to go there fast or take a slower route.
    Xo, Belen from A Hint of Life

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