AndyTorresBrooklynBridge8 AndyTorresBrooklynBridge3AndyTorresBrooklynBridge11AndyTorresBrooklynBridge2 AndyTorresBrooklynBridge6 AndyTorresBrooklynBridge9 AndyTorresBrooklynBridge10 AndyTorresBrooklynBridge4 AndyTorresBrooklynBridge5 AndyTorresBrooklynBridge AndyTorresBrooklynBridge12 AndyTorresBrooklynBridge7I’M WEARING  >>  Jacket: H&M Studio  |  Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti  |  Jeans: DL1961  |  Sunglasses: Celine  |  T-shirt: ASOS  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler

This seemed like the perfect place go and say goodbye to the city before taking my flight back to Europe. I have been waiting to show you these because photos with this view are always special -even if I didn’t really get to wear the outfit I was meant to wear on this shoot-.

I was actually thinking of a more “dramatic” outfit, but I was also supposed to shoot it on a different day and at sunrise, which didn’t end up happening due to lack of time and a touch of lazyness. You see, when I travel for the blog I often wake up at insanely early hours in the morning just to catch the first rays of sunlight and the morning light, which is what I wanted with this shoot. Instead, I had to stop by just before my driver picked me up to take me to the airport. Maybe next time…



104 thoughts on “GOODBYE

  1. WOW such breath taking photos.

    I remember when you first started blogging !!! I love seeing that you’ve kept it up and your blog is amazing ..! xox

  2. Oh no, those shoes… everytime I see them, I feel like turning eBay upside down and just do my everything to get those Zanottis in my own wardrobe. I just love those golden plates! Haha, although in my opinion the shoes stole the whole show, I do like the outfit in general of course! The jacket is amazing

  3. These pictures are awesome, I cant’t imagine the result with the sunrise light! I think that your blog shows both fashion and travel in a combo, shooting at these amazing places that blow your mind away along with transmmiting your readers the real vibe.
    Thank you for being so sincere and natural with us!

  4. I love this outfit in these pictures! It gives me a lot of inspiration on what to wear on a daily basis. On you, it doesn’t look too plain or basic, just stylish. Thanks for sharing!


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