AndyTorresGhostBusters5AndyTorresGhostBusters6AndyTorresGhostBusters3 AndyTorresGhostBusters AndyTorresGhostBusters7 AndyTorresGhostBusters2AndyTorresGhostBusters4I’M WEARING  >>  Jumpsuit: Finders Keepers  |  Boots: Coach  |  Bag: Neri Karra  |  T-Shirt: ASOS  |  Rings: Tom Wood  |  Bracelet: Hermes

The very first time I came to New York 11 years ago, we went on this express tour me and an ex boyfriend booked where they basically showed you the whole city in 3 days. It was not ideal but at least you got to see “everything” and I say ” because it was all very quick, fast food style. I remember being on a bus and the tour guide saying: To your right you can see the Empire State building, here you have Central Park, down there you will find the set of the Ghostbusters movie and so on…11 years later, as I was walking trying to find a place to have brunch, I bumped into the Ghostbusters headquarters, this time no tour guide, no rush, no bus and I just had to shoot there.

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  1. hello ;)
    i saw ur collaboration with canon during the fashion week and i was wondering if these pictures in this post was taken by canon eos 100d….. anyway i hope for yor qucik response ;)

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