AndyTorresTribeca9AndyTorresTribeca3 AndyTorresTribeca4 AndyTorresTribeca AndyTorresTribeca8 AndyTorresTribeca7 AndyTorresTribeca2 AndyTorresTribeca6 AndyTorresTribeca5I’M WEARING >>  Top: SPORTMAX  |  Skirt: & Other Stories  |  Belt: SPORTMAX  |  Clutch: Bimba y Lola  |  Glasses: Celine  |  Shoes: Alexander Wang  |  Bracelet: Hermes  |  Rings: Tom Wood

This SPORTMAX top is probably one of the coolest tops I’ve ever been able to wear and I feel like I could have done so much with it, just to show how versatile it can be. I decided to wear it with neoprene because…well, because I have been wearing neoprene for a very long time and the structure of it still wins me over every time, but I’ve could have easily done a black pair of jeans + stilettos and it would have worked as well (probably not leather pants as it was about 35 degrees that day)


Photos by Richard Nicholls


100 thoughts on “EAST COAST

  1. I love the structure of the top paired with the skirt it creates a lovely symmetric look. The pairing of the shoes also adds to the symmetrical styling. I just love how unique this is!

  2. I love the structures in this look! The skirt and belted top really draws me in and notice each piece is symmetrical! Having great style is such an art and you nail it every time!

    I wish i could get my hands on that belt, I love!


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