Phew!!! I just came back from London and I haven’t felt/been that busy in a very long time. I am very used to doing my “from New York straight to London FW” marathons but I am never quite prepared for the amount of work, combined with the Jetlag. I have to say though, I do this out of choice and because I LOVE IT.
I was in London filming for Canon and once again, since they have just launched the new Canon EOS 100D in White which has become my new favorite small camera to take around with me.

Filming with Canon is always a pleasure and I hope gave you a small glimpse of how a day during Fashion Week really is, although we have to add a lot more shows, a lot more meetings in between and most importantly, a lot of catching up with friends who are in town as well.

See you next time!!!



62 thoughts on “CANON FASHION DIARES

  1. I loved this video, you’re really awesome!
    I would love to meet you one day… I think I would die! who knows!!!

  2. Amazing video, with amazing fun moments and adventures! It’s so good to see Richard in the video too as he’s always behind your camera!

    Lots of love from Colombia!
    XO, Melissa

  3. Echt heel leuk gedaan dat filmpje!
    Ik zou zo graag een dagje in jou schoenen willen staan, wauw wat een leven!
    Vooral ook veel respect hoe je al die dingen doet, en nog steeds jezelf blijft.
    Heel veel succes nog.

    Liefs Anouk

  4. I love this video! So much fun to see you on the move during fashionweek, must be incredibly busy but looks like a hell of a experience. And yet you’re so down to earth! An inspiration for every one of us.

  5. Love this video Andy! It’s really great to see what you get up to and what kind of person you are!
    Your gorgeous.


  6. Llegar de madrugada de trabajar y ver tu video: wow! Que bueno que ya lo subiste! Mañana me voy a Nueva York… Demasiado tarde para ver toda la fiesta de la fashion week…. Pero Manhattan es Manhattan… Nos vemos pronto!!!

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