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Special night in New York City surrounded by friends. The Bloglovin’ Awards are becoming a tradition. I still remember the first one about 3 years ago, when the venue had the most surreal view to Columbus Circle and Central Park and where the night ended with all of us renting a really crappy limousine and buying pizza at some dodgy and allegedly famous pizzeria in NYC. I quite honestly don’t know whether it was actually a famous place but the owner had a whole wall covered in picture frames posing with every celebrity you can possibly imagine.

This night didn’t end with pizza at 4:00am but it at the PHD rooftop with the most incredible view of Manhattan.

HUGE thanks to Kim Garduno for being such a superstar and giving me this beautiful old school hairdo for the awards and to Sportmax for dressing me for the night!



84 thoughts on “BLOGLOVIN’ AWARDS

  1. I’ve been waiting for my favourite bloggers to blog about Bloglovin’ awards, and you finally did! To see some of my most favourite bloggers in one photo, I mean, wow, it’s like simply epic, really.

  2. Although you didn’t win anything but I’m so proud of you to one of the finalist! Keep going Andy, you’re good at what you’re doing with or without the award =)

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